Monday, March 23, 2015

Review from a teacher

"It carried a very important message for young children to understand early in life."

-Lauren Murduca , Teacher at  OLC

Reading to kids was a joy ride

Read at Cordero school. Kids made my day.  It was so much fun reading and answering their questions.

"Misha learns about money"  is available on Amazon too.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Teaching kids about money

It is important for parents to teach their kids about money from an early age. It teaches them responsibility.

Otherwise when they get older,  and first when they get money, they tend to spend it irresponsibly.

This book tells story about Misha, who learns to spend money responsibly.  In her journey, she will make her own choices and  will learn from the mistakes that she makes while making her choices. She  will understand the limit of money and will learn to wisely spend it rather than crying or pouting in front of her parents.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

This message is similar to my book's message

This is how the book looks like

Mission of this book

Kids are like plants, who need right soil, right amount of water, sunlight and right pot to carry it.

Today's  parents challenge is not only to provide but to help kids make better choices in never ending supply of things around them.

As a parent I realized this and came out with my very first book "Misha learns about money". Hope you like reading it as much I enjoyed writing it.  Let's together build smart kids.

Where you can find this book

The easiest and the fastest place to get the book, "Misha learns about Money" is from Amazon.

Follow the link here.